Our Approach

IS A BROADCASTING ARM OF CHRISTIAN GLOBAL FOUNDATION WHICH MAIN AIM IS TO EQUIPPED THE SAINT CONCERNING THE WORK OF THE MINISTERS CONFIRMING THE WORD OF GOD WITH VIRTUAL AND SOUND SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE, AND ENCOURAGING THE SAINT FOR THE GREAT COMMISSION. CHRISTIAN GLOBAL TELEVISION was commissioned on the 24th of February 2013. Its aim is to see that the gospel of Jesus gets through the air waves to reach billions of souls in African, Europe, Asia, north/south America, Australian and Scandinavia countries. CGTV is a community, villages, state, and national Christian TV/radio/ satellite station that will help to bring the gospel of Jesus to all communities especially in the interior.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, CGF started as an evangelical Group which vision was to change people lives, by leading them to Christ by experience we discover that the most persuasive skill in vision so we decided to communicate our vision in video of event.

Meet the Team

CGF Global Team is one of our most successful invention in gospel outreach that CGF has used to educate countless number of people around the world. Our team has equally be very helpful.

Evangelist Evans A.

Mission Coordinator/Movie Director

Evangelist Evans is the first Convert of CGF who have been proven in various proffession, he is a movie producer and a great outreach coordinator.

Leonard Okoh

 Secretary General

Leonard is an exemplinary acct. with a proffessional focus planner who is the brain behind the success of the Mission.

Mssr. Collins A. Adoghe

Founder & CEO

Mssr. Collins is a fultime Missionary of CGF who God gave the vision of CGF and the chief strategist.

Next Steps...

Help us to cover more Ground for Christ today,let join together and finish the great commission by helping us distribute tract to the unreach i your country, sending Bible, Books and Audio..

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