Gender Agenda

A women empowerment/political talk show that seeks to address issues of state, nationhood, transformation, rule of law and the psycho-social perspective of the role of…

Activating Success

An inspirational programme featuring successful public personalities from all facets of life who share their success secrets generously with the aim to empower lives and…



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CGF Global Program

  • Christian Latest:- This is Christian Global outreaches and programs.
  • Missionary News:- This is the news of Missionary activities and travel over the and every lastest activities.
  • Christian Music Audio and Video:- Christian Music Video and Audio for promotion adverts.
  • News:- Christian news latest, world shaking event
  • Revelation Hour:- this is a live teaching event that explain the Bible book of revelation.
  • Prophecy:- Microscopic view of Biblical prophecy.
  • Salvation:- Salvation teaching and world evangelical mission.

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Saving live for Christ and changing the world! “They have no access to healthcare sothat you can give the a helping hand. They are lonely so that you can be their companion.
They are in need of the Gospel so that you can be their Preacher.” – C Adoghe.

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We always want the best from God, therefore when you give, you should plant the best seed you have. When you give, you are planting seeds that will be multiplied back unto you. Partnership is the decision to give God your best. Your monthly gift of $10, $20, $50.00 (€10, €5, €20, €40.00 / £30.00 / R400.00 / N5000) or more will support CGFI TV as a whole, including both broadcast and humanitarian aspects of the ministry.

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