CGFITV Station

CGFITV provides a fresh slant to television broadcasting with a unique Christian programming theme that shares the African experience with the global community. CGFITV technological base is remarkable and revolutionary, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment in line with global standard. These have effectively positioned Christian Global Foundation  Int. Television (CGFITV) in the league of global broadcast brands.

The programmes exclusively on CGFITV have universal appeal and have impacted remarkably on the lives of the citizens of Nigeria particularly and the entire human race. Programmes aired on our station are listed in the page below:


  • Christian Latest:- This is Christian Global outreaches and programs.
  • Missionary News:- This is the news of Missionary activities and travel over the and every lastest activities.
  • Christian Music Audio and Video:- Christian Music Video and Audio for promotion adverts.
  • News:- Christian news latest, world shaking event
  • Revelation Hour:- this is a live teaching event that explain the Bible book of revelation.
  • Prophecy:- Microscopic view of Biblical prophecy.
  • Salvation:- Salvation teaching and world evangelical mission.